Service Dogs
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Service Dogs

Dogs make great pets, amazing companions, and fantastic security. But dogs have a long history with mankind, and they have not always been pets.  The first dogs were domesticated as tools, and we still see that in different breeds of dogs. Retrievers make great pets, but they were bred to retrieve for hunters and gatherers. Despite the widespread use of dogs as pets, our canine friends are still used in very serious service and support roles. Dogs can be used to aid people with hearing and vision disabilities. Dogs can also be trained to respond in the case of a medical emergency. These sorts of dogs are usually specific purebreds, and they’ve been bred for this particular type of work. They need to have the right temperaments for the job, as well as the right qualifications and pedigree. They are trained by professionals, and before they are paired off with a disabled person, they are trained in tandem with their new owners. But this is not the only type of dog in service.

There are many different reasons to use a service dog. Service dogs are not the same as medical response dogs, or guide-dogs. Service dogs can be any breed, and they do not necessarily need to be pedigreed. They just need to meet certain criteria. First, they need to have the right temperament. Stubborn or aggressive dogs are not suitable. Likewise, dogs that are constantly fighting for dominance and don’t know their place, they are also not suitable. Second, the dog needs to be healthy. A service dog cannot be at risk for certain canine diseases or illnesses, and they should not suffer from canine diseases or illnesses. A service dog must be able to perform their jobs without any sudden stopping due to prior issues.  Finally, they need to have good conformation. If the candidate for service dog meets all these criteria, then you have a suitable candidate for training.

Anybody can train a service dog with the right about knowledge and preparation. In fact, there is a widespread program for convicts to train puppies into service dogs. Once you have a dog in service, you need to do certain things to keep the dog healthy, and to make your life more convenient. Dog vests, dog braces, dog collars, grooming supplies, and other dog supplies are reasonable needs for service dogs.

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Service Dogs Service Dogs